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Navigating Burnout and Building Sustainable Success: A Conversation with Jinny Oh

Join our Founder, Jinny Oh, as she shares essential insights on battling burnout and cultivating sustainable success. Discover actionable strategies for entrepreneurs prioritizing well-being in their journey to excellence.

At Wandr, we believe in the power of design to transform businesses, but we also recognize the importance of prioritizing well-being and maintaining a sustainable work-life balance. Recently, our founder, Jinny Oh, had the opportunity to share her insights on burnout, entrepreneurship, and the path to achieving success while keeping personal well-being at the forefront in an exclusive interview with DesignRush Podcast. Hosted by the seasoned Senior Editor and Podcast Host, Vianca Meyer, the 24th episode delves into Jinny's journey as a successful entrepreneur and innovator.

Who is Jinny Oh?

Jinny Oh is more than just a seasoned entrepreneur; she's an advocate for user-centric digital experiences and a thought leader in the tech and design community. As the founder of WANDR, an award-winning product strategy and UX design firm, Jinny has steered businesses toward exceptional growth. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jinny is recognized for her advocacy of remote work and digital nomad lifestyles, emphasizing that quality work can thrive beyond traditional office settings.

Recognizing Burnout: A Personal Journey

In the podcast, Jinny candidly shared her experience of recognizing burnout—a process that many entrepreneurs can relate to. The incessant demands of entrepreneurship can often lead to survival mode, and Jinny described the feeling as being "dragged on concrete, unable to stop." The wake-up call came when she looked in the mirror one day and realized how much she had aged since starting WANDR. Another sign was her constant unhappiness, prompting her to explore various avenues for relief, including retreats and self-help books.

However, the turning point was a health crisis that led to a hospital visit. This incident served as a wake-up call, forcing Jinny to confront the neglect of her health due to work pressures. Returning home, she knew drastic changes were needed to avoid a path that could jeopardize her life.

Dealing with Burnout: A Day-by-Day Transition

Jinny shared her strategy for dealing with burnout during the transition, emphasizing the importance of taking it day by day. Some days were incredibly challenging, with the overwhelming workload making it difficult even to get out of bed. The turning point was a profound realization that prioritizing personal well-being was essential. This involved making conscious decisions to take better care of herself and learning to delegate and trust others with responsibilities at work.

Pivoting to a Well-being-Centric Company Structure

For Jinny, embracing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework was a game-changer. This system, designed to structure a company with accountability at all levels, provided clarity and direction. Working with an EOS implementer who conducted quarterly workshops, WANDR's leadership team stayed on track with their goals and vision. The hardest part, according to Jinny, was learning to let go and trust the team to handle responsibilities. True scaling and growth required stepping back and allowing the team to do their work.

The 80/20 Rule: Moving Beyond Perfectionism

Jinny addressed the question of whether the 80/20 Rule allows entrepreneurs to achieve success even when moving away from perfectionism. She emphasized the importance of understanding what matters most to individual entrepreneurs. While some may prioritize perfection in their craft, Jinny's focus was on running a business efficiently. Striving for 80% perfection was her approach, recognizing that complete perfection isn't always scalable. This mindset, she noted, is crucial for scalable growth, especially for entrepreneurs moving beyond perfectionism to achieve broader success.

The Essence of Being a Great Leader

Reflecting on her decade-long journey, Jinny shared her evolved understanding of leadership. Initially equating leadership with relentless hustle, she now believes true leadership is about personal expansion and growth. Leadership requires self-focus, often misconstrued as selfishness but essential for holistic development. In a world where hustle culture is glorified, Jinny highlighted the limitations of this approach. To elevate a venture to new heights, leaders need to invest in personal growth as much as in the business.

Leadership, according to Jinny, is about understanding who you are, learning from experiences, and empathizing with the team on a human level. It's not just about the hours put into work but also about being a guide in personal aspects of life. People seek leaders who understand their struggles and aspirations beyond the workplace.

We extend our gratitude to Jinny for this exclusive conversation, providing valuable insights into navigating burnout, building a sustainable business, and embodying true leadership. If you enjoyed this interview, follow Jinny on LinkedIn, and stay tuned for more interviews with industry experts from WANDR. We're committed to fostering a culture that values both design excellence and the well-being of our team members. Join us on this journey of innovation and holistic growth.

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