Driving innovation through
human-centric design.

Founded in 2013, Wandr is an award-winning product strategy & UX design agency.
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Struggling to Collaborate with Designers in Security-Sensitive Industries?

Getting started quickly in security-sensitive industries is often hindered by the time-consuming process of navigating complex compliance requirements, causing delays.


We are vetted for Compliance in Security-Sensitive Industries

We understand the frustration of unnecessary delays due to compliance hurdles. That is why we have streamlined providing your InfoSec and legal teams with the required information and certifications to ensure we have a clear path to compliance, enabling a faster start date for your projects.

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How can we find partners who understand our product, industry, and can help us anticipate future challenges?

Swift project deployment is hindered by challenges in finding partners who understand our product, industry intricacies, and initial problems. Assembling skilled teams adds complexity. Our goal is not merely avoiding competition but foreseeing and planning for future challenges, positioning us three steps ahead. Explore seamless project execution on our website.


We are transforming ideas with Business-Minded UX solutions.

Our collaborative approach prioritizes your KPIs, minimizing revisions and increasing efficiency. We think beyond boundaries and design with the future in mind, embracing emerging technologies to elevate your product planning. As your long-term partners, we are here for your entire product journey.

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Struggling to incorporate user research in your design decisions?

In a fast-paced environment, your team's resources are stretched thin, making it challenging to prioritize comprehensive user research. This can lead to design decisions that miss essential user insights and result in solutions that fall short of meeting user needs and business objectives.


Every project begins with user research

Our focus on user research ensures that we hit the mark the first time. We employ a range of research methodologies to deeply understand your users' needs, behaviors, and pain points. This data-driven approach enables us to create user experiences that not only look good but also enhance usability, drive user engagement, and contribute to your bottom line.

Our award-winning team is ready to deliver human-centered digital products you love

There is no room for shortcuts when building a great digital experience. Everything starts with thorough research and iterative experimentation. No stone is left unturned to make data-minded decisions. Then we build from scratch, designing and developing, tailored to what users need.
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Design Systems

Building a legacy product may lead to inconsistencies in your product, yet there is efficiency to be gained. Amplify project efficiency and brand consistency through our Design Systems. defining a cross-team collaboration between design, produc. We understand that as you continue to scale your organization.

Onboarding UX

First impressions can be overwhelming. That’s why we believe Onboarding UX should never be an afterthought. Helping your users navigate through new features  will bring you to new heights: upgraded conversion rates, long-term retention, and discoverability, among others.

UX Audit

User retention requires a data-driven approach. By understanding your users’ journey —step by step— we can recommend how to prevent drop off stages, pain points, and bottlenecks. We uncover user behaviors through qualitative and quantitative methods to audit your product.

UI/UX Design

Great design is engaging and can scale easily. Our data-driven approach identifies the root cause of bad UX and gets you back on track to acquiring more customers. Research is embedded throughout our process and our design is constantly validated through usability tests.

Design Thinking Workshop

Invest in a full-day workshop with one of our industry experts. The workshop is built to help your team think outside their daily tasks. We will create a customized agenda to help align product vision, brainstorm new ideas and prioritize action items.

4 Week Prototype

From startup idea to solid head start. WANDR's experts will design, test, and budget your product concept with industry experts in just 4 weeks. You'll get everything you need to pitch to investors and partners.

Clients Extend Their Contract

We can boast an 80% client retention rate, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional, user-focused designs that consistently exceed expectations.

Projects Completed

Our proven track record in enhancing usability and driving user engagement has made us a trusted partner for businesses seeking to elevate their digital products.

Year after year, Wandr has been recognized as one of the top UX and product design firms.

We are committed to innovation and data-driven solutions, reinforcing our dedication to excellence. Explore our journey as we shape the future of user experience
THE MANIFEST - Most Reviewed UX Company in L.A. 2023
THE MANIFEST - Most Reviewed UX Company in Miami 2023
CLUTCH - Global Leader 2023
CLUTCH - Top B2B Companies 2022
INC. 5000 - America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies 2021
DIGITAL.COM - Best UX Design Agencies 2021
EXPERTISE.COM - Best Web design in L.A. 2021
AD WORLD MASTERS - Agency of the year GOLD 2020
CLUTCH - Top Creative & Design Agencies in L.A. 2019
CLUTCH -Top UX Agencies 2018