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Viewfinder It is a platform to explore movies and tv shows. It helps people to see where to watch things and access more details about them(Cast,trailers,similar content).It’s also a tool to keep track of content to watch in the future.

Increase in aesthetic appeal rating.


Establishment of a design system.

These improvements reflect significant enhancements across various aspects of the project, leading to a more engaging, user-friendly, and scalable platform.

Increase in user engagement time.

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UX Audit

Visual redesign

UX Design

Design Systems


UX Designer

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About the project


Competitive research helps us understand how similar apps handle this situation but also how they can evolve in the future. User interview to see how user interacted with the current app.


Lack of a design system, so we needed to create that as we were revamping the app. Standardization ,they get more of the content from many third parties so it was difficult to find a solution to fit all.


Updating the aesthetics to a more modern look Design each Title card for its specific interaction with the user Grouping information into related chunks lowering the cognitive load.


Work Mockups
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Wandr's proficiency has been invaluable in bringing our designs to life. It's been a pleasure collaborating with them and their contributions to our team. Keep up the great work!"

Crowdlink incentivizes fan participation through a rewards program, fostering deeper engagement and organic promotion.

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Visual redesign

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