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Explore how we partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to enhance online engagement and streamline operations. Discover the successful strategies, web development solutions, and impactful results achieved through optimized donation processes, unified design layouts, and a responsive user experience. Dive into our comprehensive approach to aligning four distinct websites, empowering WWF with in-house control and a sustainable digital future.

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Wandr revolutionized mobile experiences, elevating user engagement by an impressive 25%. Dive into their innovative strategies and seamless designs that captivate new mobile users, enhancing accessibility, functionality, and overall satisfaction.

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A redefined mobile experience, resulting in a remarkable surge in purchases generated from the site. Intuitive interfaces that guide users towards conversion, optimizing every touchpoint for enhanced engagement and revenue growth.

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Innovative approach to crafting user-centric interfaces and captivating designs that prolong user engagement, fostering deeper interactions and meaningful connections with every swipe and tap
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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was tasked with three key objectives: Firstly, to increase donations, a strategy would be to optimize the online donation process, making it more user-friendly and compelling. Secondly, the website's backend required an overhaul to enable easy maintenance and efficient content adjustments, ensuring the site remains current and relevant. Finally, rectify existing front-end web development issues, focusing on responsive design, to guarantee a seamless and accessible user experience across all devices.


WWF approached us to integrate four distinct and outdated websites, both functionally and in design, to align with WWF's brand guidelines. The core challenges included: a mobile funnel that was poorly designed, leading to a loss of donations; a disorganized and inflexible backend, making content management a significant headache; and data that wasn't properly displayed on their front-end, requiring constant web development support for minor tweaks.


In response to their needs, the WWF now has in-house control over a set of beautiful and flexible design layouts, engaging a broader user base. We consolidated all of WWF's sites and projects into one unified format. The backend UI now mirrors the frontend, simplifying future website updates. Our deliverables included WordPress website development, multi-site content management system configuration, SEO strategy implementation, mobile-responsive implementation, donor CRM integration, and content & data migration.


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We’ve seen a lot more traffic coming to WWF.ca since the redesign….and our conversion rate on our donor forms is up."

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