Enhancing and unifying design, improving UX and efficiency.


Avail car sharing is a company that allows individuals to borrow a car from an individual just like airbnb and allows users to rent out their cars as well.

Reduction in the number of steps to complete a task.


Increase in user understanding of Avail Plus Program benefits.


User Engagement Increase

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Design systems

Visual redesign

Brand Identity

UX Audit


Project Manager

UX Researcher

Visual designer


Mobile Platforms


Car rental

About the project


-Clear expectations for lenders on earnings and car status -Increase the engagement of long term users (Upselling Avail Plus) by providing clear requirements and expectations -Drive user's navigation into one consolidated design


Avail's website featured inconsistent user flows that appeared disjointed, resembling separate apps. Our goal was to create a cohesive experience from the user perspective.


Our solution involves revamping the search functionality to ensure uniformity across all user personas. We will design a standardized search results page applicable to all use cases and prominently feature the Avail Plus program with full transparency.


Work Mockups
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WANDR enhanced the website's visuals and UX/UI. The team's responsiveness and quality design attracted new partnerships.

By creating a proper design system we were able to create a strong structure for the client to build upon in the future and not isolated iterations like they had.

Design systems

Visual redesign

Brand Identity

UX Audit

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