“In a field where technological complexity is growing very fast, Vectrix provides an environment where companies can safely exist”.


Vectrix (now acquired by Cloudflare) was a Y Combinator cybersecurity startup to manage security in SaaS applications. It provided a security scanning that helped stakeholders and security teams understand their weaknesses to provide a completely safe environment. Founded by former security professionals from Autodesk, Vimeo and PlanGrid, Vectrix was committed to provide teams of all sizes an efficient and reliable way to stay secure in the public cloud.

Verified Customer Behaviors

Through UX research and usability testing, Wandr successfully verified Vectrix's assumptions about customer behaviors, leading to a refined understanding of their target audience.

Target improvement - Positioning as a Simple and Modern Solution

By uncovering Vectrix's ideal customers and understanding their needs, attitudes, and behaviors, Wandr positioned Vectrix as a simple and modern solution within the cybersecurity industry. T

Enhanced User Experience

he insights gained from UX research and usability testing enabled Wandr to build a product that delivers a delightful experience to Vectrix's users. This outcome likely resulted in improved user satisfaction, increased engagement, and potentially higher retention rates.
Work Mockups

Services Provided

UX Audit

4 Week MVP


Mapping interactions and generating service blueprints


1 Product Strategyst

1 Product Designer





About the project


Cybersecurity is known to be complex and often outdated. Our goal was to position Vectrix as a simple and modern solution for the cybersecurity industry. First, by uncovering the ideal customers, then building a product around their behaviors.


Before the engagement with Wandr, Vectrix had a platform built based on assumptions of their customers’ behaviors, assumptions that needed to be verified to create a platform that works seamlessly


Our process of UX research and usability testing led us to uncovering Vectrix’ ideal customers. One key insight we uncovered was that Vectrix’s solution was unique to the market, and we had to understand the users’ needs, attitudes, and behaviors of why they found the experience delightful.


Work Mockups
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Without WANDR, we wouldn’t have been able to effectively communicate our product’s value proposition. They have nuanced B2B UX experience, so they understood our priorities. That was one of their standout qualities."

Platform re-design and customer migration. This means that everything that is possible for the old version must be compatible for new customers.

Digital transformation

Design Thinking


Human Centric-Design

Tech Transition

Case Studies Deep Dive

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