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Design System

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Design System Case Studies


Viewfinder It is a platform to explore movies and tv shows. It helps people to see where to watch things and access more details about them(Cast,trailers,similar content).It’s also a tool to keep track of content to watch in the future.

Asset Panda

Asset panda is an easy asset tracking software that works with digital and physical assets meant to be used by a wide variety of fields ranging from Disney to schools and vehicle fleets. In this platform, users are able to configure permissions and the information to be shown in a personalized tracking ecosystem which is constantly synced. Users can track online through the App or Mobile App and access their information anytime from anywhere.


ContractSafe is an electronic filing cabinet for contracts now with AI. It has three main sections on its dashboard: Overview, Contracts, and Contract’s Detail pages. Randy and Ken’s focus coupled with positive reviews from their customers is ContractSafe’s ease of use, making learning curves super easy.

Featured MVP

The World Wildlife Fund has been the world’s leading conservation organisation for over 60 years. Their unique approach to community-first conservation focuses on building markets, policies, and cultures around a sustainable future. Unlike many nonprofits, which rely on grants, the WWF gets a majority of their funding from personal donors and legacies. This means that their website’s ease-of-use and functionality are crucial to continued growth.


Cinépolis is an entertainment Mexican company, leader in the cinematography industry in Mexico and LATAM. Its objective is to create true value in fun, comfort and entertainment in the cinema complex industry. It is the fourth largest cinema chain worldwide, with a total of 889 complexes and over 33 thousand collaborators.

Talent Systems

Casting Networks fuels talent discovery across film, television, commercials, theater, digital projects and beyond. Their casting and crew hiring solutions connect talent with high-quality jobs with the world’s most prolific casting directors and creators. Their portfolio of casting software solutions boasts the largest global footprint in the industry.


Scedugame is a social networking app that enables video game players to build their player network by allowing them to match and chat with players who share the same games, skill level, interests and gaming habits.


Avail car sharing is a company that allows individuals to borrow a car from an individual just like airbnb and allows users to rent out their cars as well.


Fortress provides cyber risk management solutions for mission critical supply chains including services for supplier risk management, product security, file integrity, continuous monitoring and remediation to support an overall zero trust security model.