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1. What is WANDR studio?

2. What services does WANDR Studio offer?

3. Can WANDR Studio handle projects for startups as well as established enterprises?

4. How does WANDR Studio approach user research?

5. What sets WANDR Studio apart from other design agencies?

6. How can I request a quote or inquire about working with WANDR Studio?

7. What is included in WANDR Studio's UX Audit service?

8. What approach does WANDR Studio take to improve onboarding UX?

9. What does WANDR Studio offer in its Design Thinking Workshop?

10. What is a 4 week prototype (MVP)?

11. How does WANDR Studio approach UI/UX Design?

12. How can usability be applied to benefit my business?

Their work is super clean and very professional

Thanks to them, we eventually had a clickable prototype through a number of merchants to gain satisfaction scores. We also had metrics on the pace we moved through the project, [and] while their skills were valuable, it was ultimately their client management and interaction that impressed us."

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