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Loop Commerce is an e-commerce company whose main product platform is called GiftNow. We worked initially project based building the customer support portal but then became integrated as part of their design team.



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To develop an engaging self-serve portal tailored for corporate bulk gifting. This task required us to leverage the unique capabilities of GiftNow, such as personalizing gifts for individual recipients, while ensuring scalability. As our project progressed, the nature of our challenge shifted. We successfully designed and supported the development of the portal, and subsequently observed as users were seamlessly onboarded into the system.


On the consumer side, the Loop platform is becoming increasingly complex since with each retailer that is onboarded new designs are created. Our challenge was to help create and deliver a consumer design system and processes that will ensure new consistent, high-quality experiences for users that choose to use GiftNow within each retailer.


Integrate research into the discovery process, contribute to building a scalable design system, streamline variability in a high variability product, unify the design team and process, and foster healthy relationships across product, design, and engineering.


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Working with the team was an absolute delight! Their dedication to incorporating research into our discovery process brought invaluable insights that truly shaped our product's direction.

Financial empowerment platform helping build a better relationship with money.

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