Advancing the Gaming Community Experience


Scedugame is a social networking app that enables video game players to build their player network by allowing them to match and chat with players who share the same games, skill level, interests and gaming habits.

Improvement in user retention rates within the first six months post-implementation.

Through the implementation of research-driven features and strategic recommendations, Scedugame successfully enhanced its platform to foster deeper and more meaningful connections among gamers.

Growth in platform adoption among content creators

Wandr’s strategic guidance and prototype planning enabled Scedugame to effectively pivot its application towards community building and user-generated content

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Design Systems

User Onboarding

UI/UX Design

Prototype and MVP Planning

User Research and Analysis


Product Manager

UX/UI research

UX designer


Community Platforms



About the project


To pivot his current application to establish connections in the gaming community. Exploring alternative solutions through effective research.


Scedugame would like to understand how it could also be positively impacting gamers and helping them build ties to their community.


The end deliverable will be a solid path forward with recommendations related to producing a prototype and future MVP of the product.


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We chose Wandr because we really liked their collaborative, professional approach.”

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Design Systems

UX/UI Design

User engagement

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