Introducing AI search that would help you not search, but find what you actually need.


ContractSafe is an electronic filing cabinet for contracts now with AI. It has three main sections on its dashboard: Overview, Contracts, and Contract’s Detail pages. Randy and Ken’s focus coupled with positive reviews from their customers is ContractSafe’s ease of use, making learning curves super easy.

Business Improvement Metrics

Through the implementation of ContractSafe's redesigned platform, Wandr aimed to achieve quantifiable improvements in key business metrics. This includes measuring and reducing churn rates, lowering abandonment rates, increasing AI usage rates, and improving sales performance.

Enhanced User Experience and Efficiency

The redesigned platform focuses on simplifying flows and navigation, making the user experience more intuitive, easy, and fast. By incorporating AI search functionality, Wandr reduces user workload and minimizes mistakes, leading to greater user satisfaction and efficiency.

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Our biggest challenge was trying to meet a tight deadline for such a large project: we were given 2 months to create a new art direction, recruit users for testing, redesign the UX of 3 major user flows and create a design system to hand off to the development team.


The primary issue was the platform's difficulty in comprehension, leading to confusion for users. This resulted in prolonged processes, increased customer care inquiries, and sluggish pipelines.


We wanted to make it easier for users to quickly navigate and access key features, while also educating them on how they can be used. To accomplish this, we focused heavily on the onboarding flow where users were guided through features such as folders, team updates, and notifications.


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WANDR delivers high-quality work while remaining flexible to change requests. They are a solution-oriented team with an organized project management process, and their ability to listen has made for an ideal partnership."

We integrated outdated websites, the core challenges included: a mobile funnel that was poorly designed, leading to a loss of donations...

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