Fortress provides cyber risk management solutions for mission critical supply chains including services for supplier risk management, product security, file integrity, continuous monitoring and remediation to support an overall zero trust security model.

Platform Adoption

Customer Adoption of Unified Platform

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Improved user experience with actionable insights.

Decision-Making Efficiency

Streamlined C-Suite decision process with prototype.
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  • UX Audit
  • Visual redesign
  • UX Design
  • Design Systems
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    Project Manager

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    Risk Management

    About the project


    To create a product that is suitable for multiple user groups, including internal account handlers, vendors, customers, and insurance carriers, it was necessary to consider the diverse workflows and mental models of each group. This approach allowed us to design a product that is effective for all user groups.


    In the realm of information security, it is imperative to strike a balance between sharing enough information to address concerns, while also avoiding creating silos within teams. However, due to the complex nature of information security, not everyone on the team may have access to the complete story.


    Developed a new unified platform with an integrated, customized product and a robust design system, progressing to the development phase. Simplified a complex problem space by aligning siloed teams, conducting client research, and delivering a customer-centric product vision with clear, actionable interfaces. Created and delivered an Atomic Design System, enhancing design consistency and improving ongoing product experiences.


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    WANDR delivered the designs perfectly on time."

    Our professional solution involves revamping the search functionality to ensure uniformity across all user personas. We will design a standardized search results page applicable to all use cases and prominently feature the Avail Plus program with full transparency.

    User experience

    Web redesign

    Architecture information

    Case Studies Deep Dive

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