From Idea to Pitch with a 4-Week Prototype

Streamline your route to a market-ready product with our Early-Stage Product Design. In a span of 4-5 weeks, we identify your product's core challenges, rapidly test solutions, and deliver a clickable prototype MVP suitable for showcasing to stakeholders, and investors.

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Everything you need to pitch to investors and partners

We’ve heard it all: substantial time and resources wasted on offshore development teams, freelancers who ghosted mid-project to unreliable co-founders. That’s where our team comes in.WANDR helps early-stage founders build their foundations the right way. Through UX research and product strategy, we’ve tailored our process to mitigate risk at every turn. We get to embrace your vision and deliver the minimum viable product you need to make your winning pitch.


Clickable prototype

You'll no longer just be "someone with an idea." With WANDR, we’ll work with you to refine your product strategy, design your product experience and validate your idea with usability testing. We’ll create an interactive clickable prototype that people can experience. It will let them see and click through your product demo when raising capital or recruiting your founding team.

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Investor Pitch Deck

Fundraising is inevitable for a startup to scale. We will help you build an investor pitch deck to communicate your vision to investors and partners. We'll refine your story, create a problem-solution statement and build the right presentation that will capture your audience. We’ve helped our clients raise millions of dollars using the investor pitch deck we built together and are confident to help you too.


Development Quotes

Our goal is to help you compare your options, and set a realistic budget for your product design, management, and development. Once we define your product requirements, we can provide development quotes from our different development partners (both international and domestic teams). These are trusted partners that we have vetted and have worked with in past projects.

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Startup Bootcamp FAQs

What is a startup MVP?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It allows you to test your product idea with real users and gather insights to refine it with a small amount of investment. It’s not a finished or polished product--it is the minimum you need to start validating your idea.

What are the benefits of investing in a startup MVP?

The benefits of investing in an MVP is to mitigate your financial and time risk. It gives you an opportunity to develop your idea with a small investment and test the market before spending additional resources on it.

We often meet founders who spend their life savings on developing a new app, never once receiving feedback from the market before launching and then failing to acquire users after launching. By investing in product strategy and building an MVP first, it mitigates your risk by validating your idea and receiving real feedback from potential users.

A startup MVP also allows you to showcase to potential investors, co-founders and partners on your vision. It’s a visual representation of what the final product could be.

We’re an enterprise company, how can we work with Wandr on new product strategy and ideation?

Like a pre-seed startup, we work with Corporate Innovation Teams within enterprise companies to ideate, prototype and test a new product. We utilize the same 4-week structure to conduct UX research (including user interviews), create a product strategy, design the user experience, create a visual brand identity and conduct usability testing.

We will also put together a pitch deck or a “buy-in” presentation for your stakeholders if required. Otherwise, we will utilize the remaining time for additional design iteration.

We’ve already raised funding and don’t require an investor pitch deck, can we get a discount?

No, discount will not be applied; however, for clients who are not in need of the investor pitch deck will receive an additional week of usability testing and UX design. This will provide you with additional resources to further validate your product strategy and refine your UX design.

Will this include coding, and will the final deliverable be launched into the app store?

No. This package is primarily focused on developing your product strategy and building a startup MVP for pre-seed startups. It is to deliver enough assets to assist with your market validation and fundraising efforts. By the end of the 4th week, you’ll be able to decide if you are ready for development or if it’s best to continue to refine your product strategy and UX design. We will assist with providing you a final quote if you decide to move forward with development.

How much does the Startup Bootcamp package cost?

Our Startup Bootcamp package costs $30,000.

How many screens do we receive?

What we try to prioritize is not necessarily the number of screens, but that the assets provided help you pitch the right story to your investors and stakeholders. With that said, we do limit the amount of screens to 50, and 25 for the pitch deck. For clients who do not require an investor pitch deck will receive an additional 25 screens.

Jinny and the WANDR team helped me at a very pivotal moment in my startup. I was seeking customer validation on the first version of our web application but since we were also building hardware, I knew it would be long before we actually built a web application that we could sell to clients.
I reached out to WANDR with hopes of developing a fully designed, click through version of our web application, which I could use to simulate a software demo and garner beta customers.

We brainstormed, planned, and they executed. Within 2 months, I was demoing their design, as if it was functional software, to large biotech and pharmaceutical companies and getting real feedback to improve the feature set. At the same time, I locked down 3 beta customers.

WANDR not only created something that we are going to use in our V1 but they also made it possible to sell our product without a large investment. This was a startup founders dream come true.

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