5 Top Tips to Build a Brilliant Product Strategy

Beyond profit: Designing products with a deeper purpose! Sebastian Jaramillo shares his insights on building products that matter.

Product Strategy for Successful Businesses

Our guest in this episode of the WandrFul Design Podcast was Sebastian Jaramillo, a self-proclaimed over-caffeinated product strategist who loves solving meaningful problems through design and technology. Sebastian has had a wide range of experiences, from a senior product manager at Twilio to head of product for an influencer marketing tech company. He is also a co-founder of Emma, a real estate seed-stage startup, and was an alum of Startup Chile. He’s currently one of Warner’s exceptional product strategists.

1. Understand what your product means

This point goes hand in hand with point five. Why? You need to know precisely what you’re selling and how it works, but you must also understand how it’s meant to change the life of the person that consumes it. What does it mean? How is it unique?

2. Clarity of purpose

This might be the toughest one. So many businesses pop into the market because they need to make money, and then you start to build your team, and then you’re still without a purpose other than the fact that your business is making money.

3. Have a clear strategy

Think long term more than short term. Most product strategists think about business as finite. Think about infinite timeframes, about making your product, concept, and business as something that will outlive you.

“Be the change that you wanna see in the world. That’s what I’m doing right now.”

4. Learn from past mistakes

Use your past work experiences to learn. Think about what you saw was missing, poorly implemented, or executed at past companies.

5. Offer true innovation

Through your product, help people understand that the things that make them unique are their superpowers. For example, in the case of skincare, it would not only be skincare anymore, but a product specifically made for them and to give them specific results. Transmit the message that the best stories that our bodies tell are told through our scars.

Check out our Podcast Episode 5 on Product Strategy for Successful Businesses with Sebastian Jaramillo


Books recommended by Sebastian

“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

“It’s going to help you reflect on the things that are truly important to you and why you should align with those.”

Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

“It teaches you the difference between some organizations and others that will outlast you and become much bigger than yourself. People should treat a business as an infinite game and look at goals that are not necessarily quarterly or something like that.”

Final Thoughts

To be a brilliant product strategist, you need one thing: passion. Love what you do and try to make your product more significant and more important than you. Be the change you can’t see in the world, and choose your job as something that will make your heart beat and makes every Monday fun.

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