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The Best UX Design Trends for 2023

Explore the latest UX trends for 2023: scrollytelling, data visualization, inclusive design, 3D compositions, voice UI, and personalized experiences.

Improving user experience by making it smoother, seamless, and positive means better business. From methods like creating personalized user interfaces to adding elements to how a user scrolls through your application. These trends can make all the difference in upgrading the user experience and reaching the full potential an application or site has can make all the difference in your business’s growth. Here are 6 of the best UX design trends for 2023:



Scrollytelling as we call it, is a method in which users are able to view something as they scroll in an intended chronological order that tells a story. This method allows us to grab the user's attention by having elements on the page come to life through micro-interactions and creative storytelling through the action of scrolling down. As a user scrolls down on page content is being revealed to them in real-time, adding a dynamic interactive experience to the way your content is being viewed.


The benefit of using the scrollytelling trend is you’re able to keep your users engaged for typically long-format writing without overloading them with large blocks of writing. Scrollytelling allows designers to create a more interactive experience for our users while providing more information on a single page.


Data Visualization

People love to see the information being given to them, instead of only reading through the information you provide, a visual asset ensures the important content is known. When a user can visualize the data it becomes engaging for them. Methods such as creating animated infographics or bold imagery leads the eye of our user; it's essentially a highlight. Often times people prefer to look at the highlights, as it’s a quicker read than a paragraph of informative text. However, these highlights can provide a preview to draw a user in.

Ning xiao dong - Dribbble

Creating visualized data allows designers to convey complex concepts that may be misconstrued in solely text. Data visualization allows users to comprehend the material better. When users can easily comprehend the material it allows for quicker decision-making. We want to convey the right message in an engaging way. Make information easy for readers to understand by removing the complexity of datasets.


Inclusive Design

Designing for Inclusivity is key in 2023, and it’s essential in understanding the scope of all your possible audiences. When you keep in mind a variety of perspectives you are ensuring a broader interest rate than before.

When designers only create solutions from their perspective they limit their designs to a specific audience that shares the same perspective. Brands want their audience to broaden and always continue to expand, if you only have solutions for say 50% of your audience it may lose the interest of the other 50% completely. If we can address the problems of our entire audience why not do that?

Ilya Kroogman on Behance

In designing for inclusivity it’s important to acknowledge where exclusion is happening. Once you can identify that, it’s easier to identify and ensure your team pays attention to these points.

It’s important to gain knowledge from your diverse audience, understanding the points they have made and how their outlook can be recognized. Taking emphasis on the opinions and perspectives of your various audiences you end up gaining a larger audience.


3D Everywhere

3D compositions are more informative, interactive and help to improve the efficiency of the interaction process. While there’s no reason to ditch 2D completely, it’s important to utilize 3D in 2023. Not only does the use of 3D compositions create more eye-catching subject matter, but also provides more in-depth visually informative material. For example, in a scenario where you have to explain a product you’re selling, and you can only explain to users in images what each part of the product does, you can sometimes lack the full perspective of its functionality. Having a 3D composition of the said product gives a closer to a real-life visual asset for easier comprehension for users.


Adding 3D illustrations or imagery can elevate a website to look specially curated and dynamic. They can create visual interest around your content and further grasp the attention of your users as opposed to a still image. When designers utilize 3D compositions they can create an interactive process that keeps users engaged, while also providing insight into the content they are conveying.


Voice User Interface

The emphasis on voice user interfaces in 2023 is strong, with applications like Hinge and various other dating applications adding voice communication features. Creating the option to use voice allows for a more call-to-action interactive aspect for more than just the user recording their voice, but also the user responding.

Eugeniusz Eudokimow - Dribbble

Vocal interactions can create an effective form of communication amongst users, and add to the immersive feeling of an application. When we allow the user to interact with a system through voice or speech commands, we can get a variety of different results we wouldn’t have from typed-out communications. It’s important to design a system that clearly states possible interaction options, and tells the user what functionality is being used.


Personalized Experience

Design a product that closes the gap between what any user expects/wants and what they experience by focusing on things like localization, demographics, behavioral data, etc.

Whether your customer is viewing your site for the very first time or for the 10th time, it’s beneficial to customize their experience. Utilizing collected data, a business can recommend products, videos, and various other content to their users or create a customized homepage for each individual customer gives them a somewhat homebase to go back to as they browse through your website.

Elevate Labs - Dribbble

In personalizing their experience using data we can even reach potential customers. In Ecommerce, this is especially beneficial when you can provide a customer with what they seek without them having to actually go and search for it. Essentially you are predicting their preferences for them to create an impactful experience.


In Conclusion

Using these 6 UX design trends in 2023, can elevate your applications and strengthen your brand’s voice. With an innovative design that can be utilized to extensively solve the problems of your users in new and improved ways, the potential for growth can be endless.

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