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Maximizing User Experience: The Benefits of UX Consulting

UX Consulting Insights: Uncover the power of strategic design in driving business success. Learn how to optimize user experiences today!

In a world where technology and how customers engage with brands are constantly changing, it’s essential businesses stay ahead of the trends and connect with their audience. Questions to ask yourself, is my business meeting its full potential? Is my audience consistently interacting with my product?

Not only evaluating what may be necessarily failing, but also what can be done to further the success and potential of a business. UX consulting does just that.

When a business ability to combine great design with strategy, its potential for growth is exponential.

What Is UX Consulting?

UX consulting takes into account the all-around function of the product. From the mechanics of an application that an end-user will be interacting with to testing prototypes. UX consulting combines in-depth research and strategy in order to deliver the most optimal application.

Establishing the right UX processes is key to the success of an application, and simply how it functions best, creating exceptional user experiences.

Who Is the UX Consultant?

Different from the UX Designer, who creates the application, the UX Consultant is essentially an auditor for your application, operating on data and research to optimize the best results for usability. The consultant will not only find the issues and failures but also find the best solutions in ensuring a business excels from all avenues.

UX Consultants provide insight into reviewing a website, prototype testing, extensive customer research, and genuinely improving the usability of an application among many other benefits.

who is the UX consultant explained by WANDR, Product Strategy and UX Design Firm

How Can a UX Consultant Contribute to Success?

With an eye to the overall function of the application, a UX consultant looks into the fine details, such as spending time to extensively research and evaluate customer influence, which can then lead to new business opportunities.

For example, in understanding your customer's preferences and behavior a business is then better able to predict and target successful features within their applications. What does the analytics tell you? Is there a reason our customers leave the site when they get to a certain page? Does this function assist the customer in navigating easily through our applications?

Even being able to map out what the issues are can accelerate the process of trial and error that typically comes within the first stages of an application output. Understanding these analytics before the final product is launched will save time and resources that would otherwise be spent waiting for feedback.

Equipping a team with the best user experience processes, allows a client to capitalize on their own team's skills and understand the best methods to continuously improve their applications. Clients end up saving a lot of resources that would otherwise need to be extracted through various different outlets. Think of it as investing not only in the success of your final product, but investing in your team and allowing them to excel to their full capability.

In addition to contributing to new business opportunities and saving resources, a UX consultant will improve the return on investment or also referred to as “ROI”. The formula for ROI is simple, evaluate the efficiency and profits an investment is making and compare it to the original investment made. In providing an efficient and improved functional application the client can boost sales, customer retention and therefore fortify the return on investment.

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Improving UX Maturity

UX Consultants emphasize the “UX Maturity Model”, an assessment that creates a structure to map out where the business has its advantages and drawbacks in user experience. UX maturity is taking into account the effectiveness of a company’s research. It is important in understanding the demands of your customer base, spending time with them you are then able to take into consideration these demands... Focusing on the engagement UX designers will see between their application and the customer you can make better decisions with them in mind. Ensuring a quality final product.

Why Should You Hire a UX Consultant?

In hiring a UX Consultant you’re creating an opportunity in business transformation. Often clients reach a point where they can not grow at the same rate they had been since the start of their business. The same methodology and tactics keep a business in a stagnant position, if your company is not changing how can your growth change? Implementing new UX processes, and establishing better or even different practices allows for a business to keep moving forward in its growth.

Expedite the Process

Following a timeline to launch a product is stressful, with deadlines it’s easy for a company to miss things and make key mistakes in the final product. The UX Consultant streamlines this process, ensuring a product has been thoroughly audited and tested before launch. Despite issues an application or business may be having, a UX Consultant can expedite this process efficiently and effectively to make certain all facets of the final product are ready for consumers.

Equip Your Team for Success

As mentioned before it’s also important to equip your team in order to reach their full potential and succeed on current and future projects. Whether the tasks are small or complex, the UX consultant can help. Training an existing team up to par with where the company is growing is essential in continuing that growth and aiding in the transformation of a business. If employees are not up to speed with the current and developing changes how can you continue to operate in that direction? A UX Consultant will walk a team through the best user experience processes as well as translate new methodology, and strategy among other practices.

Creating Design Systems

UX Consultants specialize in making a product simple to use, but also setting up a business to continue to create exceptional user experiences. From organizing and setting up essential design systems to educating clients on using them. Design systems such as font libraries, and consistent style guides, act as a manual for the client’s design team. Rather than spending time trying to try and match a product's overall tone and feel, the design system provides a source for the team to refer to during the creation or edit stages. This allows for a business to maximize their time and resources, with an organized process in ensuring their applications are cohesive.

Emphasis on the UX Ecosystem

A UX Ecosystem is an informational environment, made up of various connections and reliance between components that provide insight into creating user experiences. The Ecosystem includes relationships between the company and its customers, data and how it’s being used, to the success of marketing methods engaged currently. A map or infographic is then created to give a visual to this ecosystem in order to evaluate and aid in observing those connections. A UX Consultant focuses on this ecosystem and how to improve it for impactful results. Whether improving may include implementing change or finding the best possible way to utilize these connections, their data, and so on.

the importance of hiring a UX consultant by WANDR, UX Design Agency in LA

What Happens Once I’ve Hired a UX Consultant?

The UX Consultant will typically begin by running an audit on your application and reviewing usability, testing out prototypes, and diving into research and data necessary for your product.

Once a beginning audit has taken place it’s time to take action, and kickstart the design process. How can it be improved? What is not working in the application? Is it accessible to all of your target audiences?

The next stage is implementing and planning out a new UX strategy that finds the solutions to your application's previous faults. Each UX consultant’s goal is to create a strategy that will add to the success and growth of a business. Through bringing discussions of change and improvement, mapping out the UX ecosystem, and developing a well-established user experience process.

The UX Consultant focuses on research and data so that your business can better understand your users for optimal satisfaction in meeting their demands. The end result of hiring a UX Consultant is invaluable and the room for your business and team's growth can significantly transform your business. Discovering the solutions and finding the root of your problems is essential for improvement, a UX Consultant is a key aid in this process.

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Final Thoughts on UX Consulting for Business Growth

As the market continues to change and evolve, it’s more important now than ever before to invest in innovative and proven ways to stay ahead of the curve and grow your business. UX consulting provides the process and tools a business needs to improve and excel beyond its current capacity.

While there is no sure way to launch your business into a complete success, you can make certain your team has the essential foundation to continue to grow your business in the right direction.

A UX consultant provides insight into many of the moving parts in a business such as a usability, customer research, data-driven processes, and aiding in establishing design systems among various other benefits.

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What Is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is an expedited process using 5 phases to find solutions, analyzing potential risks in order to set up a ready-to-use product for final output.

When is it recommended to hire a UX consultant?

It is ideal to hire a UX consultant before your next project launch. You want to evaluate and audit a product before market release in order to catch any failures or faults within your applications.

What is the UX consulting process at?

The UX consulting process is at the forefront of the overall product's outcome, effective usability ensures a successful product that meets the demands and wants of a customer base.

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