Scaling in a Design Team with Blagoja Golubovski

Scaling your design team? Learn 5 Do's & Don'ts from expert Blagoja Golubovski on the WandrFul Design Podcast!

Do’s and Don’ts of Scaling in a Design Team

Our guest for this chapter of the WandrFul Design Podcast was Blagoja Golubovski, the Vice President of Product at Visit.org. He is a Silicon Valley veteran with over 25 years of technical and product management experience where he’s helped design and promote software for verticals, including FinTech, promotions, advertising, and semiconductors. He speaks at industry events and customer forums and is widely recognized as an expert in enterprises and software technology. Blagoja is responsible for visit.org’s product strategy, innovation, and design and development, driving and building beautiful products to increase purpose-driven employee engagement across the world.


  • When making the team bigger, establish a product-led culture.
  • Put processes in place.
  • Adapt your team and product to be able to grow exponentially.
  • Align on the objective and the goals, everyone should align on that.
  • Accept that it’s a slow process, but there will be delayed gratification because it’s like building a house with a solid foundation.
  • Communicate your vision.
  • It’s essential to keep everybody involved.
  • Know your customer and your user, and take this to the next level.
  • Take some time to meditate and trust your intuition.


  • Don’t expect immediate results.
  • Changing processes might be frustrating, but this doesn’t mean they will not work in the long run.
  • Don’t stop innovation just because you’ve shown success. Keep on expanding, and be in the mode where no success is guaranteed.
  • Don’t expect your team to do everything perfectly, there are going to be mistakes. They must come up with their own solutions!  

A book that Blagoja thinks everyone should read

The Startup of You - Reid Hoffman “It’s an amazing book that teaches you how to take the startup mentality and apply it to your own life. Like the cycle of adaptation, learning, taking risks, experimenting, and then just rinse and repeat.”

“It’s important to show progress and show success, that the things that we’re actually doing right now are foundational blocks for scale.”

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Final Thoughts

Scaling in a Design team might sound tricky. As your team grows, you need to establish a product-led culture and put transparent processes in place for productivity to always be high. Be aware that many team members might resist so many changes in little time, but be patient and make them aware that you are building a foundation for future success.


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