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Dating Apps: UX/UI Design Tips to Fall in Love With

💑 Foster Empathy: Design with users' emotions in mind. Create connections by understanding human psyche and social norms.

Dating applications have taken the world by storm, but how do you make your dating app stand out from the rest? In the dating app world, there’s a variety of options, for now, it’s more important than ever to take note of what solutions you can provide for your users, and how to create a positive experience for them. Many applications on the market overlook aspects of the actual dating experience and how it would translate to real-life connections. While applications like Tinder continue to grow their market shares over the past few years, applications like Bumble and Hinge are also continuing to prove competitive to Tinder. Hinge adding a voice prompt feature to their application in 2021 has had an immense success, and has contributed to some of their user growth in recent months.

Applications that are able to take into account what their users need from their app and provide innovative solutions, can create a greater consistent visiting audience. With simply upgrading design systems or applying new trends, there are many ways to elevate your application and stand out amongst the rest. Read along for our UX/UI design tips to fall in love with:

UX/UI design tips to fall in love with brought to you by WANDR, Product Strategy and UX Design Firm
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1. 🥰 Build Empathy for the End-Users

When your application takes into consideration the human psyche, mating patterns, and social norms it can help to virtually embody a user and create a tailored design able to interact with human feelings and emotions. Empathy is a key component in designing dating apps that many existing companies do not consider enough.

As people use your app, what aspect of your app allows users to open up and interact with each other on a similar level to real-life interactions? When users feel no interest or a distance from themselves and the app it becomes hard for them to interact with the application. Users need that empathy-driven design to garner trust and personability in the app that could give them the possibility of meeting someone instead of just browsing through who’s on the app and never making an attempt to talk to them.

2. 🤔 Meet User’s Expectations

Users come to your application with expectations, whether that be in finding a partner or simply meeting new people. It’s important to match your user’s with the right people in order to meet their expectations and have a satisfied user of your app.

Design the matching experience creatively with the help of algorithms or plain filters. Connecting users to other people seeking the same goals, shared interests, and even similar locations will adhere to these expectations. A lot of times dating apps end up having users continuously scrolling with no actions, and eventually giving up on the entire application as an end result. If users aren’t matching with the right people why should they stay on your application?

3. 🔐 Access Control

Applications that Integrate platforms like Facebook and Instagram for easy log-in or sign-up processes give the users more of a direct and straightforward experience into using the app for what it is intended to do. Rather than have your users spend time creating an account and going through that whole process, which oftentimes users can lose interest quickly.

A simple and efficient access to an application allows users to re-log back in faster than a separate account log-in they have to keep track of. When users have access control that is to the point and simplified for them they are more likely to continue using your application.

integerating other platforms for easy log-in and sign-up as one of the best ux/ui design tips by WANDR, UX Design Firm

4. 👩🏻🧑🏽‍🦱 User Profile

An essential function to your application within the user profiles. It’s important to define the essential profile components without overloading a user with the long-filling forms. A user profile should be just a hint of who your user is, without them having to give their life story. A profile that describes your users in a well-rounded sense, but allows others to connect with them based on niche interests or parts of their profile allowing for more meaningful connections.

Similar to overloading a user profile, it’s also important to note when a user profile is too ambiguous and provides zero insight into who they are it becomes challenging to match them up with other users. Requiring at least a bit of information you can avoid a mysterious user and instead encourage users to provide connecting points for potential matches. Oftentimes user-profiles lack information because they simply don’t know what to say, but when you can guide them with questions and statistical surveys users have more incentive to answer.

another ux/ui design tip is the user profile, not asking too much profile information by WANDR, an award-winning Product Strategy and UX Design Firm in LA

5. 💬 Design the Messaging

Messaging is another key factor when providing users with good potential matches, when users don’t message anyone how can they possibly meet anyone? When designing the messaging of an application you want to design with usability in mind. Will your users be inclined to use the messaging feature of the app?

Push notifications and alerts are essential to help prevent users from missing out on a possible match. Ensuring your users set their push notifications on aids in bringing your users back to your application.

messaging and push notifications are also one of the ux/ui design tips that are very much needed shared by WANDR, an award-winning Product Strategy and UX Design Firm

6. 💖 Interaction Design

Great interaction design keeps your users interacting on your app, it’s important as a designer to ask yourself: Is this feature easy, fun, and engaging? An engaging design can make all the difference in your users spending time and returning to the app.

When you design to make features fun for your users, they likely will choose your app over the competitors regardless of other factors.

Navigation is another essential component when designing your application. Users should be able to navigate easily through your app while being able to focus on the content at hand. Complex navigation systems confuse users and distract from the actual functionality of an app. Always make the navigation intuitive and pleasant.

7. 🎨 Visual Design

You don’t need us to tell you the importance of visual design for your app, but have you noted the difference a good color palette can make? Using the correct color palette can set the right mood and keep your application clean and consistent. A busy and inconsistent design within your application can change the mood and tone a user may experience when engaging with your app. When a design is consistent we can make a clear correlation between tabs or pages on your app, therefore letting the design become seamless and not distracting. Users can focus on the interactive parts of your app and continue to engage with ease.


Designing Dating Apps can be tricky as the market becomes more and more saturated. In utilizing some of these tips and tricks you can set your application apart from the rest, and garner a steady audience base. As they say “there’s someone for everyone” and that goes with our belief that “there can be a dating app for just about anyone”.

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